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    What is Notary?

    All notaries in New South Wales must be qualified lawyers of at least 5 years legal practice. Notaries are appointed by the Supreme Court pursuant to the Public Notaries Act 1997 (NSW) and the Public Notaries Appointment Rules 1998.

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    What is a Notarial Act?

    A ‘notarial act’ is the act of a Public Notary authenticated by his signature and official seal, certifying the due execution of documents or verifying a fact or thing done in his presence.

  • What’s the difference between Justices of the Peace
    and a Public Notary?

    Justices of the Peace (JPs) in Australia perform functions similar to that of Public Notaries but are not permitted to prepare documents for used overseas and internationally. Notaries Public have this exclusive right and are able to perform wide-ranging functions such as authenticating, certifying and witnessing documents for use overseas.

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In order to use your document overseas, you must use a “Notary” to notarise your document. A notary is just like “an international Justice of the Peace” because the Notarial documentation produced by the Notary are to be used overseas and recognised by other countries under international conventions. For example, a “Power of Attorney” made in Sydney (Australia) needs to be notarised in order to be accepted in Beijing of China, or an affidavit affirmed in Sydney needs to be witnessed by a Notary before it can be accepted in an American Court.


A notary in Australia can do the following tasks for you:

  •  Authenticating official, government and personal documents
  •  Authenticating your identity
  •  Witnessing your signature to documents
  •  Preparing and witnessing a Power of Attorney
  •  Certifying true copies of original documents for use overseas
  •  Verifying company and business current status and transactions

When a Notary performs the above task, the Notary will annex his/her signature to the document with his/her Notarial seal.

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