Fees & Charges


We offer a fixed fee for notary services irrespective of the complexity of the document or the time taken to ensure completion. Our charges are based on the number of notarial acts required or the number of documents to be notarised.

We may offer other notary services for which we have not provided a fixed fee below. Please contact our office directly for a quote on the fees and charges for any notary services required that are not listed below.

Please note that the fees and charges listed for our services are GST inclusive.

Affidavits, Affirmations and Declarations
Administering an oath or affirmation or taking a declaration and signing jurat$110.00
Each additional deponent etc at the same time$55.00
Deeds and other Unsworn Documents
Witnessing and attesting execution or signing of a deed or other document$110.00
Each additional individual etc at the same time$55.00
Verification of Copy
Examining copies (photographic or otherwise) with original for verification
– per 6 minute units or part thereof
Notarial Certificate verifying copy document$165.00
Notarial Certificates
Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of a document by one individual$165.00
Each additional individual at the same time$55.00
Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of a document by a corporation$330.00
With a declaration and exhibit  
Preparing and completing Notarial Certificate not otherwise prescribed
– per 6 minutes or part thereof
Please note that all fees and charges are subject to inspection of documents during the meeting at our offices and may change depending on whether you give us any further instructions at the time of notarisation or request any additional services that may be required for the completion of the notary services. Please Contact Us for direct quotes for your individual needs and circumstances.